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Midnight Skyracer

16 Jun 2022


Midnight Skyracer have come a long way in a very short time. Since forming in 2017, the Anglo-Irish allfemalequintet have become festival sensations across the UK, Europe and Australasia, touredregularly at home and released a critically-lauded debut album. 

They also carry the distinction of beingthe first British act nominated for an award by the International Bluegrass Music Association. 

Their all star lineup boasts Leanne Thorose, with her powerhouse vocals and driving mandolin; thevirtuoso banjo playing and delicate vocals of Tabitha Benedict; Eleanor Wilkie and her rock solid bassgrooves; the versatile Laura Carrivick, equally adept on both fiddle and dobro; and the lightning guitarplaying of Charlotte Carrivick. 

Not only are they all masters of their respective instruments, but thevocal harmonies shared between the five women are second to none. 

Following the release of Fire in February 2018, the band are set to release a follow up album thisSummer on Island Records. 

Shadows On the Moon, recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios inWiltshire, is a scintillating mix of hard-driven bluegrass and mountain balladry, both edgy and infectious,tender and tough. 

“This is a band and this is an album that can go toe to toe with anything onoffer from bluegrass’s spiritual home on the other side of the Atlantic.”**** RnR Magazine 

“A conflagration of a debut bluegrass album: hot stuff”**** Songlines 

“…probably the best bluegrass I have heard from a non-American band.”fRoots 

“‘Fire’ combines seven self-penned pieces, traditional and bluegrass classics – tradition andcontemporary working hand in hand and no sign of a join, and it’s seriously good. Harmonies to die for,delicious voices and succulent instrumentation.”FolkWords 

“You can’t fail to sit there open-mouthed at the astounding dexterity ofthe playing, which is brilliant even by championship-standard bluegrass standards– for there’s sensitivity in shading and dynamic balance too alongside andinside the high-octane note-spinning virtuosity.”Folk Radio UK 

“Midnight Skyracer has all the vital components to compete with otherbluegrass outfits not only in the UK but also on an international scale.”Northern Sky 



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