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Under Milk Wood (Includes Q&A with Kevin Allen)

20 Nov 2024


89 minutes
UK 2015 | 89 mins | Cert 15 (TBC) 

Rhys Ifans - Charlotte Church 

Screenplay adapted by Murray Lachlan Young, Michael Breen & Kevin Allen 
Produced by Stephen Malit & Kevin Allen 
Directed by Kevin Allen 

Isn’t life a terrible thing ? Thank God. This film will tickle you in the middle of your world like a tuft of wiry fire. 

fFatti fFilms in association with S4C, Tinopolis and Ffilm Cymru Wales, are pleased to present Kevin Allen’s radically updated version of Dylan Thomas’s iconic poetic prose work, Under Milk Wood. 

Regarded as the ultimate legacy of the 100th anniversary of Dylan Thomas’s birth, this lusty, genuinely accessible Under Milk Wood promises to appeal to a wide-ranging audience. (Bar T.S. Eliot, Dylan Thomas is the most translated poet in the English language, in the world ) 

Starring Rhys Ifans, Charlotte Church and directed by Kevin Allen (Twin Town, The Big Tease, Y Syrcas), this Under Milk Wood presents an erotic, surreal interpretation, and this unique movie offering of his most iconic work will engage with British cinema audiences this autumn. 

With a boldly adapted screenplay written by Murray Lachlan Young, Michael Breen and Kevin Allen, this Under Milk Wood confidently steers away from some of the more prudish renditions of Thomas’s original work. However, whilst staying faithful to Thomas’s original text, Allen’s richly cinematic interpretation explores some of the more visceral elements of the magical, ghoulish dreamscape of this distinctive work; beguiling, erotic elements that have previously been stiffly swept under the proverbial carpet. Combining the heady mix of Thomas’ rich, deeply moving narrative poetry and devilish, comically animated prose, this visual feast of a film audaciously sets out to reintroduce one the world’s greatest poets to film lovers and poetry connoisseurs alike, whilst appealing to a whole new generation waiting to be introduced to the magic of his most spectacular work. 

Summary: Blind Captain Cat ( Rhys Ifans ) is tormented in his dreams by his drowned shipmates, and the innermost thoughts of the inhabitants of a fictional small Welsh fishing village Llareggub ( ‘bugger all’ backwards). 

Synopsis: Under Milk Wood opens at nightfall, whilst the eccentric residents of Llareggub are fast a slumber, and through blind Captain Cat - the story’s living portal through which the 1st & 2nd Voice narration guides us through this exotic tale - we gradually become aware that we are bearing witness to the townspeople's deepest dreams. 

The tormented blind sea captain is visited in his dreams by his drowned shipmates, who long to live again and enjoy the pleasures of the world they once shared together. 

Mog Edwards and Myfanwy Price, living at opposite ends of the town, dream of each other’s unrequited love. The seventeen stone drunk hulk of Mr. Waldo dreams of his childhood and his failed marriages. Prim and proper Mrs. Ogmore-Pritchard exercises her perverse sexual fantasies with her deceased husbands, while lonely landlord, Sinbad Sailors, recalls his most primitive lusting for his untouchable demure school teacher love, miss Gossamer Beynon. 

As dawn beckons, through the beauty of Dylan Thomas’ mesmerising poetry, the narration of 1st & 2nd Voice guides us through Llareggub’s characters and introduce us to their subterranean lives.


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Wed 20 Nov 24

Key Information

89 minutes
20 Nov 2024
Standard | Safonol: £5.50, HYNT: £0.00
Production Company
fFatti fFilms


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