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The AWPB was formerly known as the Pontardawe OAP Branch, which was first founded in the 1950’s, so it has served the local community for over 70 years!

Change of HOME

When first established thanks to the help, generosity of owners of the Works, it had its own Home/Hall, just off Ynisderw Road where it held its meetings. However, within the last two years it has vacated its original Home and relocated to the Pontardawe Arts Centre, where it now meets every Friday 6.30-8.30. It has been a very successful change/transition to a more modern building with excellent support staff and facilities.

Change of NAME

The National Association of OAP’s changed its focus and aims and objectives a few years ago in response to an increasing number of people “retiring” at an earlier age. As a result membership is now open to all aged over 50 instead of 65 and hence the name change to the Active Wales National Association and the Active Wales – Pontardawe Branch

Who is eligible to join and what do we offer and when do we meet?

The simple answer to the above questions is as follows: –

· As outlined above anyone 50 and over

· We offer a warm friendly welcome to all, friendship, and companionship.

· We meet every Friday evening at the Arts Centre between 6.30-8.30

What does it cost to join the Branch?

Cost must not be a barrier to membership so we endeavour to keep our costs to a minimum but we must cover our own “overheads.” If cost is an issue, please speak to Gareth Evans our Chair.

· Annual membership subscription- £10

· Weekly subscription to cover hire of hall- £2

· We also run a weekly raffle to raise funds- £1 per raffle ticket.

We sincerely hope you feel this is reasonable and affordable!

So, what does the Branch offer it members at its “Meetings”?’

In an endeavour to ensure that membership is both a rewarding and enjoyable experience we offer: –

· TALKS by invited guests on a variety of interesting topics and subjects-

· Music nights by invited singers, musicians, and artists

· Films, DVD’s covering everything from local history to local characters

· Discounted prices for Shows organised by the Arts Centre in the main theatre

· A game of BINGO

· Excursions, Trips and outings

· Annual Christmas Lunch

If you are interested in joining our happy group please CONTACT-

Up and coming “Events”

On the first Friday back after Christmas on the 2nd February we have organised a CONCERT by FLASHBACK in partnership with the Friends of the Arts Centre

We have already lined up SPEAKERS to give interesting TALKS – Sue Evans (Llais Cymru) February 9th 2024

We have a number of DVD’s of local interest to show- again more details to follow

Lastly we are endeavouring to arrange more shows/concerts by various local artists!