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PAC: Suitable For - Ages 14+

Brian Karrot
Early Bird price of £6 available until 30/04 - select standard ticket price for automatic discount.As a most accomplished multi-instrumentalist and songwr
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Aynsley Lister
Aynsley Lister has been at the top of the Blues scene for over two decades, billed as one of the most exciting contemporary Bluesguitarists around today. Known
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Eddi Reader
Celebrating over 40 years as a live performer, Eddi Reader has effortlessly developed into one of popular music’s most thrilling and affecting performers.
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Dog of Two Head (Status Quo tribute)
The highly experienced and road-hardened band pride themselves on being die-hard Quo fans and provide a show straight from Quo’s heyday in the 70’s,
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Luke Wright: The Remains of Logan Dankworth
I believed that Fukayama line: the end of history. But History didn’t end, did it? Logan Dankworth, columnist and Twitter warrior, grew up romanticis
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