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The Arts Centre features two performance spaces – the Main Theatre and The Studio.

Both spaces are able to offer flexible seating arrangements, with the Theatre also operating as a Cinema.

Whilst there is equipment assigned to each space, equipment can be transferred for use in each space within reason.

All dimensions given are approximate, and should be confirmed with the venue for critical applications.

We have a Standard rig in each space if you would like a plan of the current standard rig please ask.


The theatre is of traditional proscenium arch style with a raised stage (the stage is not racked).

The surface is matt black painted hardboard. Visiting companied are not permitted to repaint this surface, but minimal screw fixing is permitted.

The stalls seating is constructed from loose removable seats which allows for seated rows, cabaret seating, standing and other permutations such as thrust or in-the-round  staging. With the seating removed the stalls features a wooden dance floor for dancing events. The stalls seating is not raked. There is additional fixed seating in the balcony. The maximum capacity regardless of configuration is 500.

Technical control position is usually positioned at rear centre of stalls for lighting and sound. A patch panel containing cat5e network ports Dmx and xlr inputs and outputs to our Foh System.

Lighting Control

ETC Ion Classic x 1

20 x 20 fader wing


Strand LD90 Dimmers (24 x 2.4kw)  x3

Strand Act6 Dimmers (6 x 2.4kw) x3

The ld90 outputs are hardwired: circuits 1 – 24 FOH, 25 -28 DS Low Level, 29 – 38 LX1, 39 -48 LX2, 49 – 60 LX3,  61-68 US Low Level, 69 – 71 Houselights

3 LD90 dimmers (as above) are used for houselights giving DMX control. The Wall Uplighters are dimmable, the chandeliers are non-dim.

2 ACT6 Dimmers are located on the fly floor for additional stage requirements

1 ACT6 dimmer is fightcased for portable use

For lighting control 2 DMX universes are patchable at control position then there are dmx universes distributed around the theatre running from thee dmx splitters racked up on the fly floor

Outputs at the following positions:-

  • Fly Floor
  • DSR Patch Panel
  • DSL Patch Panel
  • Foh Left Perch Lighting bar patch panel
  • Foh right perch Lighting bar Patch Panel

Extra routing could be utilised via the network infrastructure

Sound Control

For sound there is no audio tie lines between control position. Etherconn connectors are located on the patch panel at control position and these can be patchable to any network port around the theatre or studio. Touring cable runs can be accommodated by running up and around the balcony – this require approximately 25m of cable to reach the stage. Direct distance from control position to stage is 11.5m

Soundcraft VI1

Soundcraft Compact Stagebox configured as 32/16

Stalls PA

EAW JFX290 (12” + 1 ¼ “) x 6 4 standard PA & 2 optional front fill / us fills

EAW SBX220 (2 x 12”) x 2

Nexo PS10 x 2 (centre Fills)

Martin Audio WS2A (2 x 15”) x1 optional additional Sub
XTA DP226 Speaker Processor x 1

Lab Gruppen fp340 (Stalls Tops) x 1

Lab Gruppen fp6400 (stalls EAW Subs) x1

Lab Gruppen ip2100 (front fill or monitors) x1

Yamaha P7000s (Martin Audio Sub) x1

Balcony PA

Martin Audio WT3 with flying frames (15” + 6.5” + 1”) x 2

DBX Driverack PA+ x1

Lab Gruppen C28:4 (Balcony LF)
Lab Gruppen C10:4 (Balcony MF & HF)


EAW SM129 wedge (12” + 1”) x 6

EAW SM159 wedge (15” + 1”) x 1

Lab Gruppen fp2600 (flightcased) x 3

Kelsey 32A PDU x 1

Stage Dimensions

Pros Arch Width: 6.95m

Stage Depth (including Apron): 7.10m

Apron Depth to safety curtain / Tab Line: 2.05m

Depth From Safety Curtain to Back Wall: 4.98m

Stage height from stalls floor: 1.12m

Height to grid: 6.90m

Max height to hemp fly bars: 6.35m

Pros arch height: 7.71m

Height to base of pros arch swag drapes: 4.72m

Please note no set should cross the safety curtain line. The safety curtain is lowered every night.

There is no loading ramp for the stage.


The wing space is minimal. Widths are measured from the offstage leg edge.

Stage Left Wing

Min width: 0.96m

Max width: 1.48m

Height: 2.26m

Stage Right Wing

There are many acess panel and air ducting petrusions in the stage right wing which makes dimentions difficultto define, but here is a guide:

Min depth: 0.69m (dictated by air vent at 2.96m height)

Max width: 2.98m

Min Height: 1.99m (drops to this height at 1.50m width)

Max Height: 4.39m

There is a CO2 extinguisher in both SL and SR Wing

Fly Spec

3 manual winch bars of hardwired IWB construction for lx use (maximum Payload 300Kg)

10 hemp flown bars (maximum Payload 100kg) – please note it would take considerable effort to fly these bars at maximum capacity

There is no fly tower


Standard black box masking is permanently rigged. The house tabs and black tab sets cannot be moved, legs and borders may be negotiated

House Tabs: Blue Velour on track operated by a manual hand winch DSL

Midstage & upstage Tabs: Black Serge on tracks operated with sash cord SL adjacent to the track

Legs: Black serge 1.3m (w) x 6.2m (h) x 6 (Chain Weighted)

Borders: Black Serge 8m (w) x 1.75m (h) x 2 (chain Weighted)

White Sharkstooth Gauze: 7m (w) x 6m (h)

Loose Track

Hall Stage T70 (3m x 2, 2.5m x 2, 2m x 4, 1.5m x 3)

Hall Stage T60 (3m x 2, 2.5m x 4, 1.3m x 1, 0.9m x 1)

Small Stock of Hall Stage plain Runners

A/V Spec

Panasonic PT-ew630 WXGA 5K lumens LCD projector with standard zoom lens (rigged under balcony at FOH control position)

Panasonic DMP-BD80 Bluray / DVD Player (located in control room)

Comms System

Metro Audio CMS-2 Master Station

Stock of belt packs abd headsets

ROH Stage Relay


63A SP – located USL usually Assigned to Sound

63A TP – located USL Usually Assigned to Lighting


12 Rung Zarges for use on stage

Single access ladders for the FOH perch lighting bars

Dressing Rooms

There are to backstage dressing rooms – the smaller Dressing Room 1 on the ground floor and the larger Dressing Room 2 on the first floor. Both dressing rooms have shower facilities, sink and lit mirrors. The backstage WC is adjacent to Dressing Room 1

Requirements of the visiting company

Visiting companies should provide a tech spec of their show in advance with any relevant risk assessments. LX rigging can be arranged when possible within the restrictions of the theatre programme.

The operations of the visiting company should be in compliance with CDM regulations.

Any unusual risk associated with a show should be identified to the venue in advance of the show. These could include Pyrotechnics and advanced rigging requirements (i.e Circus)

The auditorium can be isolated for haze / smoke use on request.

Any electrical equipment brought into the venue should be safe for use as demonstrated by a current valid PAT Certificate.

Any rigging equipment brought into the venue should have a current valid LOLER certificate.

Any wireless equipment brought into the venue should be operated within the uk allocated frequencies for those devices, and appropriately licensed (if applicable)

Get In Access & Parking

Parking for loading in is available on the road off holly street adjacent to the venue as marked below. There is no loading bay assigned for the venue, but we endeavour to save space if touring vehicles are known in advance.

Get in access is either via a set of dock doors directly onto the stage, or a set of double doors straight into the auditorium.

Flightcases can either be lifted onto the kerb, or wheeled to the corner of the building where there is a dropped kerb.

Dock door access size: 1.69m (w0 x 1.98m (h)

Auditorium door access size: 1.36m (w) x 2.03m (h)

There is a handrail outside the auditorium door, and a pillar inside which can reduce the access size – 8’ x 4’ sheets and tall flats have been successfully loaded through this door though.

Cinema Spec

Cinema and alternative content (Intelsat 10-02) is screened with the following equipment:

Barco DP2K 20C 3K xenon with zoom lens
Dolby 3D capability
Dolby DSS200
Dolby CP750
Barco ACS2048
Unique Cinematic TMS (service provided by DCM)
LANsat (service provided by MPS)
Lab Gruppen C28:4 (shared with balcony PA LF) x2
JBL 4670D x3 (L/C/R)
JBL 4645B x1 (Sub)
Bose 101 x12

Harkness full stage P180 gain screen on electric roller

The cinema projection equipment cannot be utilised by visiting companies

The cinema screen can be used for other projection requirements subject to venue discretion.  Also it is possible to patch into the cinema surround speakers with prior notice.


The studio is a multipurpose space, and as such is not decorated as a black box.

Please note a black out is not possible in the studio due to the extensive glass section in the roof and wall joining the bar.

There is a permanent install Prolyte H30V truss for tech use.  This has a rating of 500Kg UDL, but must be used in accordance with the instructions of its install which restricts any dynamic loading.

A set of black velvet tabs are permanently rigged on a track in front of the bay window to provide a black backdrop for performances.

The modular staging as described in the theatre spec can be used to build a raised stage in the studio.  The dancefloor described below can be laid on top of the staging, or directly on the floor to provide a black performance surface.

Studio dimensions

Length: 11.65m
Width: 8.28m
Height to tech truss: 4.34m

The studio has a vaulted ceiling with exposed wooden roof trusses so this height is not available throughout the space.

Lighting spec

Lighting control

ETC Nomad 256 with USB>DMX interface x1


ETC Smartpack 12way dimmer with socapex outputs (flightcased) x1

Please note one channel is usually reserved for houselight floods

Sound Spec

Allen & Heath qu16 Digital Mixer Flightcased
Allen & Heath AB1608 Digital Stage Box
Nexo PS10 x2
Nexo TD analog controller x1
C-Audio SR707 x1
Yamaha P7000s x1
Yamaha P3500s x2 (monitors/ wedges shared with the theatre)
EMO 16A PDU x1
Amps and controller flightcased


16A SP assigned to Sound

32A TP assigned to Lighting


Panasonic PT-VW530 WXGA 5K lumens LCD projector
180″ motorised projection screen


1.6m x 5m approx. black/grey reversible dancefloor
2m x 5m approx. black/grey reversible dancefloor

Access Equipment

Zarges 8 rung trade skymaster ladder

Get In access

Loading access can be arranged via the front of the building directly into the studio space.

Exterior door dimension: 1.07.m (w) x 1.96m (h) – there is a handrail outside this door

Equipment Stock

Lantern stock

Strand Cantata 1.2K 18/32 Profile x8
Strand Cantata 1.2K 26/44 Profile x4
Strand Harmony 1K 15/28 Profile x12 (8 are rigged on the FOH bar parallel to stage)
Strand Prelude 650W 16/30 Profile x 2
Strand Cantata 1.2K PC with barndoors x7
Strand Cantata 1.2K Fresnel with barndoors x3
Strand Harmony 1K PC ( 3 without barn doors)x10
Strand Prelude 650W PC with barndoors x4
Strand Prelude 650W Fresnel with barndoors x4
Strand Coda 500W Flood x10
Strand Nocturne 1K Flood x4
Par64 mixed CP60 & CP62 (black) x42
Par64 short floor par (polished chrome) x5
UV Cannon x2
Martin Mac 250 Entour x2
Martin Mac 250 Krypton x4
Robe Robin 300 LED Wash x4
Chauvet Par Hex 12 x8
ETC Coloursource PAR x 5
ETC Desire Lenses (Small, Medium & Wide) (for use with the colour source Par’s) x 5  sets
Chauvet Colordash Accent RGB LED par16 x10 (please check availability)
Chauvet Colordash Accent VW LED par16 x8 (please check availability)

Stock of gel frames for above lanterns
Cantata gobo holder A size x4
Cantata gobo holder B size x1
Prelude gobo holder A size x2

Other LX equipment/Cabling

Doughty tank trap T54250 x4 (2 premanantley used as FOH lx bar in control room)
Doughty black boom arm T57316 x 12
Doughty standard boom arm with twist T30500 x8
3m scaff x4 (unpainted silver)
Doughty 4.2m 60Kg SWL winch stands x3
Doughty stand adapters for scaff tube x2
Stock of 15A TRS extension cables
Stock of 15A grelco and trelco splitters
Stock of adapters (13A-15A, 15A-13A & 13A-16A)
Stock of 5 pin DMX cable


Sennheiser e602 x1
Sennheiser e604 x4
Sennheiser e614 x4
Sennheiser e606 x3
Shure SM58 x8
Shure SM57 x10
Shure SM58 Beta x 2
Shure SM57 Beta x 2
Audio Technica ATM350 x1
AKG 300B with CK91 capsule x1
AKG C568EB x1
Beyerdynamic MCE86N x3
BSS AR133 active DI x4
Behringer Ultra-DI active DI x1
EMO single channel passive DI x1
Shure Microflex MX412 x 4

Other sound equipment/cabling

Sennheiser tall boom mic stand x8
Sennheiser short boom mic stand x9
Round base mic stand x1
Other tall boom stands x2
Banquet table mic stands x7
16 way stage multicore x1
8 way stage multicore x3
Rubberbox 63A distro box x1
Rubberbox 16A-13A distro x3
Stock of XLR cables
Stock of Jack signal cables
Stock of Speakon cables
Stock of 16A TRS extension cables for stage mains distribution

Analog Sound Equipment Spec

Soundcraft MH2 (flightcased) with ez-tilt stand x1
Klark Teknik DN360 Graphic EQ (FOH) x1
Yamaha SPX2000 FX x1
Yamaha SPX1000 FX x1
TC Electronic D Two Delay x1
Drawmer DS404 quad gate x1
Drawmer DL441 quad compressor x2
Tascam MDCD1 CD & MD player x1
BSS Opal FCS966 Graphic EQ (monitors) x4
Furman PL-PRO E x2
All outboard equipment flightcased

Portable Staging

There is a stock of 750mm square modular portable staging which can be used to build stage risers, seating risers or small stages (we seldom use these due to purchasing some prolyte deck to replace them)

Tall 495mm height staging units x20
Short 290mm height staging units x10
Tops x20
Bridging top units x16
Stock of top fill caps
Stock of tie-plates

Prolyte 2m x 1m deck x 6 (with legs to be able to set up with overall height of 495mm)
legs x 24  (to give deck overall height of 495mm)

Other equipment/facilities available at the venue

Please note there may be additional charges for the use of this equipment (plus costs associated with tuning and moving the acoustic pianos onto the theatre stage)  Please ask for price at time of booking

Acoustic Pianos

Yamaha U1 upright piano
Piano stools x2


Some basic backline equipment is stored and available to use at the venue:

Yamaha CP300 Stage Piano (flightcased)
Yamaha PSR-740 Keyboard
Trace Elliot 1210 bass combo (flightcased)
Carlsbro Bassline 50 bass combo
Peavey Transtube Studio Pro 112 guitar combo
Marshall guitar combo JVM 205c (flightcased)

PDP Drum Kit cased:

22” Kick
14” Snare
16”, 14”, 12”, 10” & 8” Toms
HiHat, crash and ride
Hardware with drum stool

Samba Drums:

Surdo 16″x500 x2

Surdo 18″x430 x2

Surdo 20″x430 x2

Repinique 10″x300 x1

Repinique 12″x300 x2

Caixa 10″x100 x2

Caixa 12″x200 x2

Tamborim 6″ x6

Other equipment

Yamaha Stagepas 500 active PA in soft carry case
Optoma W310 WXGA 3K lumens DLP projector
Small projection screen
Sony AX100 4K camcorder with Manfrotto tripod
Prolyte truss lectern
Mixed music stands x5
LG 60″ LED TV wall mounted in the bar
iKASU 26″ LCD TV x2